Online psychotherapy in california

All services are conducted using a secure online video platform or over the phone.

Session Types

Individual Therapy

My style as a therapist is warm, curious, and patient. While therapeutic work can be deep, rich, and challenging, I also welcome humor and joy in our time together. I see you for who you are rather than a list of symptoms or problems.

There is no one-size fits-all type of therapy. I work with you to explore your goals for therapy and develop strategies to help you meet them.

My approach allows you to discover previously hidden aspects of yourself and explore how you relate to others so you can understand how you get blocked or stuck in limiting ways of thinking and doing. In our work together, I will bring attention to patterns or themes I see, as well as ask questions to help you find new ways of coping with difficult feelings, exploring your life, and gaining transformational insights into who you are. 

By getting to know hidden parts of yourself, you will find clarity, self-acceptance, confidence, and insight into who you are and how enjoy your life more fully. 

Dream Work Consultation

Have you had a reoccurring dream, a disturbing dream, a particularly powerful dream, or a series of dreams you wish to understand? Are you hoping to tap into you intuition and wisdom using dreams?

Dream work is an immensely powerful tool for transformation for people who are looking to let go of self-limiting beliefs, integrate the hidden/shadow aspects of themselves, and tap into a wealth of their own potential, creativity, and intuition. 

I offer consultations that can be as short as one session, several sessions, or on an as-needed basis. While a powerful tool, keep in mind that dream work is not a substitute for psychotherapy. Dream work can be complimentary to psychotherapy, body-work, spiritual practice and for those in working in the field of psychology or the healing arts

I also provide training and consultation to therapists and healing professionals who would like to use dream work to deepen and enhance their work with others.

Therapy for Anxiety

Imagine a life without racing thoughts, worry, a pounding heart, or dread. Therapy gives you a way of safely exploring and tending to your anxiety so it no longer controls your life. While problem-focused methods of therapy and self-help look at anxiety as a symptom to fix, but they don't address the deeply held beliefs and fears that fuel anxiety; thus, anxiety often returns. Together we will tame your anxiety and as we do, you will find that it no longer has power over you.

LGBTQ+ Therapy

Sexuality and gender identity is not just about who you sleep with or your gender. It is a way of being human - a unique way of relating to others and experiencing the world. Therapy is about exploring your whole, authentic self, and part of that is sexuality and gender. You deserve a therapist who knows why pronouns matter, what femme invisibility is, and why bi-phobia is so hurtful. I have extensive training and experience working with the LGBTQ+ community, and I am always pursuing the latest research in sexuality, gender, and mental health. I am able to provide clients with letters in support of services when seeking gender affirming medical interventions.

Therapy for Relationship Issues

We often repeat old patterns and habits in relationships, even when we know they don't work for us. I help my clients learn to stay with the difficult feelings that relationships bring up so they can change the patterns that have kept them from having the relationships they long for. This powerful healing allows you to understand and express yourself fully and authentically so you can have more of what you want in your relationships.

Therapy for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

Empaths and highly sensitive people are amazingly intuitive and have a vast capacity for deep feeling and creativity. However, it can also be hard for you to set boundaries, focus on your own needs first, and let go of shame and guilt that come with be told you are "too much" or "overly sensitive." I help my sensitive clients learn to develop and maximize their gifts while finding ways of coping with overwhelm and detaching from the energies and emotions they pick up from others.

Therapy for Developing Spirituality and Intuition

Whether you have a casual meditation practice, are tarot and astrology devote, or are fully invested in a spiritual path, developing your connection to your intuition and life's purpose can be a profoundly transformative part of therapy. Often the things that hold us back in our personal lives can be blocks to further developing spirituality and intuition. By incorporating spiritual and intuitive practices with my clients who wish to, they are able to deepen both personal and spiritual insight, leading to profound realizations and change.

Therapy for Pandemic Stress & Resilience

COVID-19 related stress and loss has also given many people the opportunity to reflect on their life, priorities, and coping tools. Some feel as though they are suffering in solitude, some are thriving in the slower pace - many are somewhere in between. Therapy can be a place to both grieve and process this unprecedented time, as well as find new ways of coping and adapting to the pandemic related stress.

common questions

I generally offer 45-minute sessions. If we decide more time would be beneficial to our work I extend up to 90-minutes at a prorated rate.

You may be able to use your out-of-network insurance benefits to cover a substantial amount of the cost of individual therapy. 

I use a service called Advekit, which will verify your benefits and support you in understanding and using your insurance to cover therapy.

Click here to learn more about using your insurance to cover therapy costs.

I recommend we meet weekly for therapy services. This allows us to develop a solid foundation for our work together and generally provides better results in a shorter period of time.

Dream work sessions can be single sessions, or scheduled on an as-needed basis. 

I use an online scheduling system that is convenient for you to manage your appointments.

You can find my online booking calendar here or call 341-333-8484 to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

45-minute sessions are $180.

I have a sliding scale that slides down to $70 based on income.

Any session canceled with 48-hours of session time will be charged the full fee. 

If you have out-of-network benefits with your insurance it may save you up to %70 off of you fee. 

A good fit is vital for fruitful work together, so I encourage you to use your head, heart, and gut when choosing a therapist.

I offer a free 15-minute consultation so you can get to know me a bit. I’ll ask you a few questions about why you’re seeking therapy, and you can ask any question you have about what therapy with me might be like and get a feel for my personality and style. 


The length of our work together can vary greatly depending on your goals and circumstances. A general rule of thumb is that you may begin to notice changes in your life and how you feel anywhere from 3-6 months into therapy, however this not guaranteed and involves numerous factors.

I am not offering in-person services at this time. I find on-line and phone session work well for many people as it offers more flexibility in scheduling, allows you to be in a familiar environment during our sessions, and eliminates the stress of rushing to appointments. 

As soon as I have plans to return to in-person services, I will update my website and inform my clients. I will continue to offer online and phone services for those who desire them.