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Live Authentically

Know who you are and what you want.

Cultivate Peace

Stay calm, even in the storm.

Enjoy Relationships

Create healthy connections.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Feeling depressed or anxious most of the time
  • Doubting yourself or lacking confidence
  • Getting stuck in loops of negative thinking
  • Caught off guard by strong reactions to seemingly small events

  • Frequently feeling guilt, shame, or like you’re failing
  • Struggling in your relationships
  • Facing familial or cultural judgment due to your identity
  • Torn between authenticity and wanting to fit in
  • Wanting to explore your identity but you’re not sure where to start
  • Trying to reach your full potential but feeling held back
Therapist Miriam Geiger smiling while sitting in a office.

Are you looking for an LGBTQ+ Therapist?

Hello, I’m Miriam.

I’ve specialized in LGBTQ+ mental health, offering therapy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning people since 2015.

Whether you’re focusing on your identity journey or seeking assistance with other aspects of your life, I’m here to provide the specialized support you deserve.

You deserve a therapist who understands the LGBTQ+ experience.

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In a society that often fails to foster peace and a sense of belonging, LGBTQ+ people often have to deal with the additional stress of:

  • Experiences of rejection growing up that can impact your self-worth as an adult.
  • Internalized homophobia or transphobia that can lead to feelings of self-doubt and shame.
  • Experiencing invalidation of your identity from peers and family. 
  • Pressure to conform to certain labels or presentations.
  • Navigating issues like coming out, feeling unsafe in the world, fertility, or getting affirming medical care that many well meaning allies don’t really seem to fully understand.

Therapy Can Help You...

  • Let go of unhealthy habits or relationships that keep you stuck. 
  • Bring down inner walls that block you from feeling more joy, love, or tenderness in your life.
  • Get to the root causes of your challenges like limiting beliefs or family-of-origin issues.
  • Recognize ways you may self- sabotage or hold yourself back.
  • Explore and celebrate any part of your LGBTQ+ identity.
  • Overcome what gets in the way of you taking care of yourself.
  • Fully process old feelings, memories, and events that keep you in cycles of stress.


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Are You Tired of Trying So Hard?

Even if you appear accomplished and composed on the outside, internally, you may constantly brace yourself for potential setbacks or move from one goal to another without ever truly feeling fulfilled.

After dedicating so much time to conforming to someone else’s idea of how you are “supposed” to be, you feel disconnected from your authentic self.

While things like self-help books, yoga, meditation, supplements, and feel good “mental health” advice from the internet may help a bit, they don’t seem to stick or provide the deeper change you know you really need.

This is why therapy that is tailored to you can make all the difference.

happy gay couple cooking dinner

Are you struggling with the complexities of LGBTQ relationships?

This might look like:

  • Patterns of dating incompatible “types” 
  • Struggling with setting and keeping healthy boundaries
  • Pulling away when you start to get emotionally close with others, even though you long for connection
  • Feeling very anxious when your partner isn’t responding in the way you’d hoped
  • Knowing that childhood wounds keep you from developing healthy relationships
  • You and your partner are stuck in cycles of conflict or miscommunication

Therapy can help you break free from these patterns, develop healthy boundaries, and cultivate the fulfilling partnership you’ve always longed for.

How does LGBTQ+ Therapy with Miriam work?

Our journey begins with an exploration of your past, present, and hopes for the future. This solid foundation will be invaluable as we work towards achieving your goals for therapy. 

I will provide compassionate guidance and gentle challenges, employing evidence-based techniques and the proven effectiveness of talk therapy in a way that is specifically tailored to your needs.

As you embark on a journey of uncovering patterns, healing from past traumas, and undergoing transformative inner changes, I assure you that I will be by your side, providing unwavering support throughout your therapy. 

Together, we have the opportunity to profoundly change your life. Are you ready to get started?

Maybe you're interested in LGBTQ+ therapy but have some concerns...

I understand that therapy is an investment of your time and resources.

However, I encourage you to consider the costs of being anxious, preoccupied, or unsatisfied with your life, career, and relationships.

Not feeling comfortable or authentic impacts your quality of life in ways that spending money on things can’t address. 

Investing in yourself through therapy can help you find long-term fulfillment so you can use your resources to enrich and enjoy your life.

Committing to therapy means investing in yourself, your well-being, and your future.

You are worth every penny of that investment.

Being the center of attention can feel a little strange, but my job as your therapist is to create a space where you can feel at ease and help guide you if you’re feeling stuck or drawing a blank.

I find that people usually have an innate sense of what might be useful to bring into therapy.

With a little practice you’ll learn to trust yourself and the process so therapy is something you look forward to.

We all require support when we strive to make changes in our lives. If a problem or challenge was easy to fix on your own, you likely would have done so already.

Rather than viewing therapy as a way to expose something being “wrong” with you, the way I work encourages exploration and self-understanding as a way to change, not shaming or blaming yourself into being different. 

My goal isn’t to diagnose you as sick or broken but to provide a space to explore and understand yourself on a deeper level. 

Taking the initiative to care for ourselves by reaching out for help is a powerful step towards healing the aversion within us to say “I need help, and that’s okay.”

What do we "do" in sessions?

Though conversation, reflection, curiosity and compassion we will work together to:

  • Untangle the powerful connection between your past and present.
  • Slow down your mind and body so we can ask important questions and explore your inner and out world without judgment. 
  • Confront and heal the painful experiences that have been holding you back.
  • Lighten the burden you’ve been carrying alone for too long. 
  • Learn to set boundaries and limits with skill and clarity. 
  • Rediscover your inner strength and develop practical strategies to get you the life you want.
  • Find out what blind spots are keeping you stuck in life.
  • Discover and process overlooked emotions and neglected parts of yourself with kindness and understanding. 

Ready to get started?

person scheduling on a laptop

1. Schedule a free consultation

When you’re ready to get started,  schedule a free consultation. We’ll have an initial conversation to discuss your goals and challenges, and determine if we’re the right fit. This step is crucial in building a strong foundation for our work together. 

2. Assessment and treatment

We’ll start with a comprehensive assessment to gain a deeper understanding of your unique needs and circumstances. Then, we’ll create a plan to navigate the terrain of your emotions, thoughts, and experiences, laying the groundwork for transformative healing.

Woman smiling drinking tea looking out a window.

3. Embrace a Life of Fulfillment

Our work together will empower you to cultivate resilience, enhance decrement skills, and foster confidence. As you integrate these learnings into your daily life, you’ll experience profound personal growth, unlocking your potential to live a vibrant and fulfilling life.