5 Signs of High Functioning Anxiety

Many people have heard of high-functioning depression. The condition affects people differently, and some individuals can lead relatively normal lives without their depression negatively impacting their daily routines. However, high-functioning anxiety is less widely known. That’s interesting, considering anxiety is

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Are you sabotaging your relationships blog post

Are You Sabotaging Your Relationships?

Do you find that many of your relationships have been unsatisfying? Are you unsure why your relationships fizzle out or why they always seem to end in a lot of pain? You could be self sabotaging your relationships. If you

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The Challenges and Rewards of LGBTQ Relationships

The Challenges and Rewards of LGBTQ Relationships Though LGBTQ relationships have challenges that differ from those of heterosexual couples, they also offer unique rewards and have remarkable strengths. In order to understand the full picture, it’s important to look at

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Tips for Breaking the Codependent Cycle

How to Create Healthy Boundaries When Your Relationship is Feeling Codependent Many people know about codependent relationships in the context of addiction and substance abuse. In these cases, one partner is usually battling an addiction while the other tries to

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